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Disk Hole Polishing Machine
  • Disk Hole Polishing Machine
  • Disk Hole Polishing Machine
Disk Hole Polishing Machine

Equipment Introduction:
This equipment is a disc type six-station four station CNC polishing machine, which uses a CNC system to accurately control the motion trajectory; Four polishing stations are installed with four types of consumables ,which can be set with different polishing parameters and trajectory processing; For the polishing task of four camera holes on stacked multiple glass cover plates, each of the four workstations is responsible for one hole, which is processed in parallel in different processes to improve efficiency; The fixture components on each workstation can be repositioned to achieve concentric rotation between the polished hole and the fixture rotation axis.


Product details

Glass/sapphire camera hole polishing

Equipment Advantage:
1.Rotary disk system of six stations and four stations,four stations processing at the same time,improve efficiency;
2.Rotary plate set up loading and unloading station, loading and unloading without stopping;
3.The fixture picking and placing assembly of the station is coordinated with the C-axis to support the multi-datum repositioning of the fixture to realize the concentric rotation of the polishing hole and the C-axis;
4. Adopt tool changing spindle and consumable storage, can automatically replace consumables;
5.According to NC program code interpolation control, to achieve high precision copying motion;
6.The system detects the pressure before and after processing in real time and automatically adjusts it continuously to keep it stable.

Specification Parameter:



Overall Dimension

2200×1900×2200  mm

Equipment Weight

About 2000KG



Power Supply

Three-phase AC380V/50HZ

Air source


Applicable product specifications

Camera glass porous polishing

Number of workstations

1~10 Stackable

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