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NC Lapping Machine
  • NC Lapping Machine
  • NC Lapping Machine
NC Lapping Machine

This equipment is a four station CNC polishing machine based on CNC as the basic structure. By using BT30 spindle and consumables warehouse, it can automatically change the throwing disc to process the flat surface; Selecting different main consumables for surface treatment such as polishing, polishing, and deburring, suitable for flat and side processing of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, glass, and plastic parts on various 3C products;
By controlling the XYZ coordinate axis of the bed and the C-axis of the fixture rotation through the CNC system, high-precision CNC interpolation motion is achieved;
The Contact force between the spindle and the product is collected in real time through the force sensor, and the control system automatically adjusts the position of the small compensation axis in the Z direction of each spindle, so as to realize the reliable and stable following program setting value of the processing pressure, stabilize the process parameters, and improve the process yield;
Adopting 4-module parallel processing, each module includes the spindle, fixture C-axis, Z-direction small compensation axis, and force sensor, with high work efficiency.


Product details

Equipment advantages
1. The CNC system controls parallel machining of four sets of spindles/fixtures, with an efficiency four times that of a single mode group;
2. Interpolate and control according to NC program code to achieve high-precision profiling motion;
3. The system detects the processing pressure in real-time and continuously adjusts it automatically to maintain stability;
4. Adopting BT30 spindle and consumables warehouse, it can automatically change the throwing disc to process the flat surface or polish the side surface with a polishing wheel.

Specification parameters



Overall Dimension


Equipment Weight

About 3 KG


20 KW

Power Supply

Three phase 220 V

Air source

0.5~0.7 Mpa

Applicable product specifications

Diameter less than 300mm

Number of workstations

4 workstations

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