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Five Axis Polishing Machine
  • Five Axis Polishing Machine
  • Five Axis Polishing Machine
Five Axis Polishing Machine

Equipment Introduction:
This equipment is used for polishing and grinding the surface of small appearance structural components such as mobile phones, tablets PC, e-cigarettes, wearable device shells, automotive components etc,to achieve surface effects such as polishing,wire drawing, 3D mirror, etc. of plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, zirconium alloy, ceramics, glass, and various composite materials.


Product details

Phone middle frame

Tablet PC

Electronic cigarette
Equipment Advantage:
1. The equipment adopts a functional modular layout, and the CNC system controls the parallel processing of multiple workstation spindles/fixtures to achieve efficient production;
2. According to the NC program code interpolation control, high-precision profiling motion is achieved.The polishing axis and workpiece are linked through 5-axis CNC, which can achieve multi sided polishing of the workpiece after one clamping.
3. During the polishing process, the system detects the processing pressure in the front and rear directions in real-time, continuously and automatically adjusts the compensation axis to maintain stable pressure for each product;
4.Each fixture is allocated with 4 main shaft heads, which can be installed with a concentric chuck +  polishing skin for mirror polishing or an eccentric chuck + sandpaper for polishing to remove blade patterns;

Specification Paramet:



Overall dimension


Equipment weight

About 3000KG



Power supply

Three-phase AC380V/50HZ

Air source


Vacuum source


Number of axes

5 axis

Number of workstations


Spindle number


Spindle head type

Eccentric disc /Concentric wheel

Distance between stations


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