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Six Axis Blade Grinding Machine
  • Six Axis Blade Grinding Machine
  • Six Axis Blade Grinding Machine
Six Axis Blade Grinding Machine

Equipment Introduction:
This equipment is used for machining complex curved parts such as aeroengine blade and ship propeller blade. It can realize adaptive machining with six degrees of freedom.
The five-axis linkage + sintered grinding head was used to polish the blade root according to the five-axis path generated by standard 3D, and at the same time, the surface anomalies such as iron beans and protrusion on the blade surface were polished away. At the same time, the contour aberrations caused by stress and deformation were corrected. The blade body and blade edge were polished with six axis sand belt.


Product details

Aero-engine blade

Ship propeller blade

Equipment Advantage:
1.The equipment adopts functional modular layout, CNC system control multi-axis linkage processing, to achieve efficient production;
2. For small size blades, the precision fixture outside the machine is used for clamping, which can ensure that the repetitive accuracy of clamping is less than 0.005mm;
3. With high-speed grinding head and five-axis linkage, the blade root can be ground and the blade profile trimmed;
4. The method of six-axis linkage and belt grinding can achieve consistent grinding of blade body;
5. The six-axis abrasive belt grinding CAM software has reached a cooperative mode with Wuhan Intelligent Design and CNC Technology Innovation Center under Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Specification Parameter:



Overall dimension


Equipment weight

About 3000KG



Power supply

Three-phase AC380V/50HZ

Air source


Vacuum source


Number of axes

6 axis

Number of workstations


Spindle number


Consumable type

Sand belt、grinding rod

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