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Four-side Film Lamination Machine
  • Four-side Film Lamination Machine
  • Four-side Film Lamination Machine
Four-side Film Lamination Machine

Equipment Introduction:
This equipment is applied to paste protective film around the middle frame of the mobile phone, peel off the protective film of the rolled paper with bottom paper as required, XYC axis and AB axis matching profiling film to the external surface of the product, and roll well, to avoid the product around the scratch; the use of one out of two film method, improve the working efficiency.


Product details
Phone case、watch case

Equipment Advantage:
1.Adopt CNC programming to control multi-axis motion, imitate the product appearance and paste film;
2.The method of "one out of two" is adopted to improve the production efficiency;
3.It is equipped with a constant tension pulling mechanism to ensure that the protective film does not stretch out at the same speed;
4.It can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading machine, saving manpower;

Specification Parameter:



Overall Dimension

1680×1100×1700  mm

Equipment Weight

About 800KG



Power Supply

Single-phase AC220V/50HZ

Air source


Running stroke


Applicable product specifications

Phone case、watch case

Number of workstations


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