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Auto Film Application Machine
  • Auto Film Application Machine
  • Auto Film Application Machine
Auto Film Application Machine

Equipment Introduction:
Non-liner protective film laser film laminator  is used for laminating protection after sanding/polishing/anoding of the back cover of the product through laminating equipment. The equipment is mainly composed of three modules, loading and unloading module, secondary positioning module and rolling press film + laser cutting module module. The whole laminating process realizes full automation, and the whole process can not have scratch products.


Product details

Mobile phone housing 、IPD housing plane and 3D plane

Equipment Advantage:
1.The multi-axis motion is controlled by PLC, and the four-position rotary table is pasted with film;
2.Carbon dioxide laser cutting protective film, film shape, size can be changed at any time;
3.CAD software is suitable for fast import, edit and modification of film cutting graphics;
4.Eliminate the non-liner protective film, use a single layer of protective film, reduce the production cost;
5.Automatic loading and unloading film,high precision, no bubbles, saving labor costs.

Specification Parameter:



Overall Dimension

2100×2100×1900  mm

Equipment Weight

About 1500KG



Power Supply

Single-phase AC220V/50HZ

Air source


Running stroke


Applicable product specifications

Mobile phone, IPD housing plane and 3D plane

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