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Shipment Film Lamination Machine
  • Shipment Film Lamination Machine
  • Shipment Film Lamination Machine
Shipment Film Lamination Machine

This device is used to pack and ship polished and cleaned clean glass into a double layer protective film; Equipped with automatic feeding machine function, the material tray can stack 20 layers, and the loading and unloading trays do not stop; The lamination host performs secondary positioning on incoming products to ensure product positioning accuracy during lamination; The main machine is equipped with a four station disc type, which automatically takes the film from the film storage to the disc fixture. The upper PE film is automatically lifted, and the product is placed between the upper and lower films. The upper film is covered and rolled flat, and the feeding mechanism sends the product from the conveyor line to the packing line; Equipped with product QR code scanning function, it can record product and packaging inquiries.


Product details
Equipment characteristics
1. Unmanned: Automatic loading and unloading, achieving non-stop loading and unloading;
2. High efficiency: attach 2 pieces of products at the same time, and operate continuously at multiple workstations on the turntable;
3. Intelligent: Product QR code recognition, record packaging inquiries, and facilitate tracking of materials;
4. High yield: The entire machine is sealed, FFU dust removal, high cleanliness, and avoids polluting the product.

Specification parameters



Overall Dimension

2500 * 2100 * 1900mm

Equipment Weight

About 1500KG



Power Supply


Air source




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