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Research focus in the field of magnetorheological fluids: friction and wear characteristics of magnetorheological fluids

Publisher: Administrator Date:2023-06-28

Magnetorheological fluid is a suspension composed of dispersed phase, continuous phase and additives. As a Smart material, it can quickly respond to the change of magnetic field in milliseconds.

Magnetorheological fluids have the characteristics of continuous adjustability, active control, and low energy consumption, and are widely used in mechanical manufacturing, automotive components, precision machining, aerospace, biomedical, and other fields.

-Ultra smooth magnetorheological polishing fluid-

The concept of magnetorheological fluid was first proposed by Rabinow at the National Bureau of Standards in 1948. Under the effect of external magnetic field, the ferromagnetic particles in the magnetorheological fluid produce strong interaction force, making the overall shape of the magnetorheological fluid change from liquid state to semi-solid state.

Although magnetorheological fluid can provide significant shear yield stress during shear motion, its application was hindered due to its tendency to settle and clump, and its low reliability. However, the shear yield strength provided by electrorheological fluids is small, the required working voltage is high, and the safety and economy are low, which cannot meet production needs. Therefore, magnetorheological fluids have gained further attention. At present, commercial magnetorheological fluids with good settling stability and high shear yield strength have been prepared through a large number of attempts.

With the deepening of the application of magnetorheological fluids in the engineering field, it is urgent to pay attention to the impact of friction and wear of magnetorheological fluids on device sealing and shear yield strength. High precision engineering operations also require active control of the friction and wear characteristics of magnetorheological fluids. The phenomenon of wall slip caused by friction makes it difficult to measure the true rheological properties of magnetorheological fluids, so the friction and wear characteristics of magnetorheological fluids are a hot topic and focus of research in the field of magnetorheological fluids.
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