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High Pressure Water Deburring Machine
  • High Pressure Water Deburring Machine
  • High Pressure Water Deburring Machine
High Pressure Water Deburring Machine

Equipment Introduction:
This equipment is composed of high pressure water system, robot module, double table module, robot control of high pressure nozzle with product rotation trajectory processing, suitable for processing the side of the product and above; The high pressure water pump pressure value is adjustable, the water pressure can reach 1-125MPA range; Optional sand component, sand quantitative into the nozzle, with high pressure water injection; This equipment can be used in deburring,glue residue, surface cleaning and other processes;


Product details

Mobile phone,IPD housing and other metal, plastic deburring

Equipment Advantage:
1.Parallel processing of double table and multi fixture;
2.Using robot control, fast and accurate deburring track;
3.High pressure water jet system provides continuous hydraulic percussion to remove burrs;
4.Automatic sand assembly for precise control of sand consumption;
5.Water circulation system filtering and removing impurities to protect the safe operation of the system;
6.With position calibration, pressure, flow, water level, temperature and other state monitoring;

Specification Parameter:



Overall Dimension

3200×2000×2000  mm

Equipment Weight

About 2000KG



Power Supply

Three-phase AC380V/50HZ

Air source


Water pressure


Applicable product specifications

Mobile phone, IPD housing and other metal, plastic deburring

Number of workstations


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